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himself and they may call him to the stand. catherine is live this afternoon in washington, dc. there are few specific rules about notifying congress on an investigation like this. >>reporter: title 50 governs national security and defense with section 413 and 413 (a) dealing with notification issues and reads "to keep congressional intelligence committee full law and currently informed of all intelligence activists which are the responsibility of or engaged in by or carried out for or on behalf of any department agency or entitity of the united states government." sources tell fox that the second and final interview with birthday well was the friday before the election and this could be characterized as a personal matter a former justice department official under the bush administration said given the stakes, the c.i.a. director could be blackmailed notified was required. >> what makes the situation particularly significant is that you have someone who obviously was in one of the highest national security positions in the federal government, who conducted himself in ways to su
-election to the house of representatives. the fallout from washington, dc, all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything. first from fox at 3:00, we are now an hour into a cease-fire between israel and hamas. the two sides reached a deal today after a week of rocket attacks and missile strikes and bombings that killed an israeli soldier, palestinian militant and dozens of civilians. egypt's foreign minister announced this in cairo alongside secretary of state, hillary clinton. in jerusalem, the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, confirmed the deal saying that he had agreed to give the cease-fire a chance after speaking with president obama. secretary of state, hillary clinton said the united states and egypt will work together in working toward long-term peace in the middle east. listen. >> the united states welcomes the agreement today if a cease-fire in gaza, and now a broader calm returns. >> the truce is hours after a bomb tore through a bus near israel's defense ministry in tel aviv. the explosion injured two dozen people, hamas leaders praised the attack but did not take respon
the real problems our nation faces. the president will leave chicago for washington, dc, ready to start a second term, with the tough tasks ahead, 23 million americans are out of work or look for better jobs and the national debt stops $16 trillion and perhaps most pressing, preventing the fiscal cliff or the fall off of it, a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect if lawmakers do not strike a deal. washington, dc, so far, is deadlocked. with republics holding control of the house of representatives, the federal government is exactly just as divided as it has been for two years. last night 9 president stressed there is real work to do and he hinted he is willing to work across the political aisle. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges. we can only solve these together, reducing the deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. we have more work to do. >>shepard: the white house called leader from both parties saying the american people wan
report that iran fired on an unarmed u.s. drone in international airspace. the c.e.o. of the washington, dc, consulting firm. what do you make of this? >>guest: two points. one, does this mean they can track our aircraft better? one went down over iran last year and they gathered intelligence. there have been newspaper stories about china and others collecting information because we have been using predators so much in iraq and afghanistan. there is a tactical implication and they could interrupt and interfere with our surveillance and the broader strategic issue of being aggressive when we know tensions are very high you heard israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu at u.n. a month ago and israel did a strike against arms manufacturing in sudan. the fact they would come out this aggressively is bad about how bad how quickly it can get violent. >>shepard: to have done it if it is in their airspace is one thing but this is international airspace. >>guest: it is but you get in tit for tat. we can say one thing, believe one thing but that doesn't mean in domestic consumption for iran we
of these sisters cultivated relationships with powerful men in washington and generals who were rising stars at central command. natalie was involved in a custody battle with a former bush administration official and general petraeus wrote a letter on of behalf of natalie appealing to a judge in the custody battle "we hosted them and the kelley family for christmas dinner this past year" and in each case we have seen a very love willing relationship between natalie and her son. the judge wrote "she appears to lack any appreciation or respect for honesty and integrity." >>shepard: thank you. with us the journal list and author of 19 boxes on intelligence and current affair affairs, and he broke the secret service prostitution scandal with books "inside the c.i.a." and "secrets of the f.b.i." do you have a sense yet for whether this thing becomes something or continues to be mostly about affairs? >>guest: it will continue mostly to be something important. there are too many people covering up, i got a call on october 10 from a long-term f.b.i. source who tells me about the whole investigation
what they want to hear. catherine is in washington, dc, this afternoon. there are a lot of different ways to look at this. many on the democrats' side think they have a winning issue because of the items that were put forth. on top of that, she is a woman. she is a minority. that's where the republicans had problems in the last election. democrats seem to think this is good for them. >> democrats are firmly behind rice. that we saw play out today on capitol hill was a second set of the face to face discussions, republican senators did not get behind ambassador rice and senator corker in line to become the senior republican on the foreign affairs committee told reporters "she reminds me of someone who has had every drop of kool-aid, she sounds like she would be a great head of the democratic national committee." after the meetings today the senator toned down the language of any potential secretary of state nominee. >> hopefully it will be someone that is able to show independence and have the ability to lead this nation and the world through the difficulty we have. >>shepard: another
will come along to a deal. vice president biden went to a costco in washington, today, proclaimed himself optimistic there will be a deal and bought a big screen tv and and an apple pie. >>shepard: you mention speaker boehner and the fact is there is a group if his party, the conservative part that doesn't want him to act like he is moving and that is who he is talking to today? >>reporter: they want him to dig in. they want him to completely resist essentially going back to the old clinton administration tax rates of 39.6 percent on the top level. the bottom line when you ask about whether there is any progress there are signs of progress from the white house briefing and carney today said the president said in this phone call to speaker boehner, any deal has to have the rates going up but in the end, carney said it doesn't necessarily, he didn't say this directly but suggested it doesn't have to go up to 39.6 percent but could go up to 37 or 38 so maybe there is wiggle room. >>shepard: thank you, ed. egypt's president is trying to quiet the country after he took almost absolute power an
why the feds waited months to notify them about this affair. and catherine is live in washington, dc, what did the white house have to say about a timeline? >>reporter: on notification, the white house spokesman saying the buck stops with the bureau. >> they have as i understand it, protest calm in place for when they notify the legislative and executive branch of an investigation. it is simply a fact that the white house was not aware of the situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday and the situation regarding general allen until friday, so, the f.b.i., in terms an explanation of the protocol they follow. >>reporter: the democrat chair of the senate intelligence committee is threatening to subpoena a c.i.a. report summarizing general petraeus' report to libya when he looked into the consulate attack. >> there is no reason this report shouldn't be part of that discussion sooner rather than later. i agree with senator feinstein. it is hard to come up with any legitimate reason not to know what general petraeus saw and learned when he was in libya. >> a complicated factor is
. >>guest: the timing is everything. we had our c.e.o. conference last week in washington, dc. i asked the c.e.o.'s, how many think there will be a deal by the end of the year, a credible and substantive deal, two-thirds said no. i said when there is a deal, what percentage of you would probably increase your spending, do what gerri is describing, including hiring more people, and more than two-thirds said they would. so you can see there is this pent up demand to get going but they are so unsure where tax rates will be, where health care rates will be, where economic activity will be, they are just holding their powder. >>shepard: one thing for certain: there will be a level austerity measures, there will be cutbacks. >>guest: that is why you see the market up-and-down. so, up on jubilation that possibly there will be a deal. down on the realization that any deal means what? higher taxes? that means less money for consumers to spend. austerity on the part of government that means cutting back on entitlement programs and less activity there. that is not a trickly vibrant picture for the year
baptist church in washington, dc, and walmart store manager, the reverend claims 25 to 30 walmart workers and demanded or assurances they would not be retaliated with. and williams said no worker left his post and his door is always open. >> what did you accomplish. ♪ >> we accomplished we are going to stand. we are not going to continue to tolerate wall part misbehaving and disregard for workers not only here in the washington, dc, metropolitan area but throughout the country. >>reporter: he added that the united food and commercial workers union helped organize the rally, contacted other unions and drummed up support for it. >>gregg: are we likely to see the protests continue? >>reporter: the reverend and our walmart which is supposed to be unaffiliated we unrelated to the union will be back. the walmart management is little troubled by that saying "the number of protests reported by the union are grossly exaggerated" says the wall mat vice president in a statement this afternoon adding that "we had our best black friday ever and our walmart was unable to recruit more than a small num
. that is good news but not worth the super storm preventing new jersey and washington, dc from reporting so the governor made estimates. and planned layoffs jump by 40 percent during october, the highest level in five months and it is economic to downsize as they try to make earnings goals by the end of the year. and now to the set with john bussey. we are looking at how the jobs we in the private sector are shaping up. gear shaping up to be the biggest gain since february, a very big and important move. if you get a paper paycheck, their name could be at bottom it, private sector numbers, obviously, and it is one that we obviously watched to predict what going on. they recently redid how they figures this out and trying to make it look like labor department numbers. >>shepard: the markets liked what it heard, we are up triple digits. >>gerri: the new york stock exchange c.e.o. trying to get everything back on track and they are using backup generators down this, so, having a few issues, traders still having trouble with cell phones internet access and we will see how it goes and hopefully
on the petraeus scandal. first let's get to katherine who is live in washington. katherine, the scope of all of this is pretty unusual. >> well those two classified hearings bring together the government's top intelligence and law enforcement officials. what was clear was the president's comments on ambassador susan rice is really getting some traction. one republican alleging that, quote, the president misinformed and lied to the american people over the benghazi affair. what was also clear is that the president wants to promote ambassador susan rice. even though she said benghazi was a spontaneous attack when it seemed clear it was terrorism. >> president obama has the gal to float the name of secretary of state, the name of the person who is the actual vehicle used to misinform the person disash dasht american people during this crisis. >> that's a reference to ambassador rice's appearance less than a week after the benghazi attack. the republicans charge that the story was not that strays forward and rice got her information from the cia and other agencies. >> these unfair attacks on amb
did not pressure him. we know how washington works. there are many different reasons and many different motives for things to happen. this is what is happening real time at this moment. it does happen just days before this testimony on capitol hill about the libya attack and this investigation. >>trace: we talked to chris wallace and he said take him at his word and take this exactly for what it is which i agree with because we have nothing else to interject in the conversation. our point that ed and catherine were making, in was a little bit of head butting between the c.i.a. and the white house over a timeline of the benghazi attack. bringing it up that is merited in this case. >>bret: sure, just if the timing of this entire thing the fact that it is happening today. this is what general petraeus is saying. i am telling the truth the it was my q the white house doesn't pressure me. we had to take him at his word. it is also important in the context of general petraeus and who this man is, he has a stellar military career serving the united states. if you look back at that ca
him at his word. he said the other day he can't change washington, dc from the inside. that is where i will put him on the outside on november 6. [ applause ] >> when i'm elected president i will reach across the aisle and find good democrats and good republicans that care more about the country than about politics. i'll meet regularly with democratic leadership, republican leadership and get america on track and get beyond the extraordinary partisan decides that keep us from getting done what needs to be done. the president were to be re-elected he will continue the war on coal and push back on oil and natural gas. it is in the nature of some in the party not to want to support carbon-based sources of energy. i will take america on a different track, take advantage of our energy resources to get good jobs for the american people. >>shepard: that is former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney rallying in ohio. carl cameron is there, as well. a busy day ahead for this guy. >>carl: they are racing in the final four days recognizing that turn out and the ground game will matter and he n
this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late. or trail... polaris has what you want. legendary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-horsepower, ranger xp 900. polaris. hardest working, smoothest riding. get huge rebates on 2012's and low financing on all models during the polaris holiday sales event. >>trace: middle east violence has left three israelis dead and 23 palestinians dead could drive a women -- a wedge between the united states and egypt with the blood israel shed could be a "curse upon it" according to the egyptian president depicketting egypt as a pr
. they are not buying it. it is a hot political topic, and we are all over it in washington. and a stern warning from the guy who decides monetary policy. he warns to avoid this fiscal cliff or things are going to get uh loss worse. we'll look at what lawmakers could cut to save dollars. cutting, see what you like. >>> the nation's top intelligence officers answered the question who played down the terror link in the days after the attack? the director of national intelligence says it was his people in the intel community who took out references to terrorism. the white house did not do it. and not anybody in the administration. still, that answer is not satisfying some republicans as you might imagine. here is the back story. the government put out official talking points after the deadly consulate attack. the same talking points that susan rice repeated five times on sunday morning talk shows. the word is that's what they told her, so that's what she said. she said the attack was a response to that anti-islam film. officials now say it is a planned terrorist attack. it turns out somebody removed ref
but down. we are seeing signs of progress in washington, dc, with rare bipartisan consensus on raising taxes on the wealthy but they remain at odds over the specifics. in other words, exactly highway do you do it. and mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. the white house is expressing putting pressure on congress. >>reporter: a report on the impact if the bush tax cuts are not extended. the study says the typical middle class family will see taxes go up by $2,200 next year affecting businesses and retailers. the argument is the families will spend less and it will hurt the economy. >> you can see it across housing, and services, and things like paying for cell phone, groceries, durable goods, auto purchases. evidence like this is a reason why retailers are so concerned that congress has not yet extended the middle-class tax cuts. >>reporter: and carney noted the president spoke with harry reid and speaker boehner over the weekend. everyone is anticipating another high profile white house meet this week on the fiscal cliff sources in congress say there is you not one on the schedule so
of the washington institute. where do you see things today, michael? >>guest: well, the reaction you see in tahrir square is against morsi eliminating the last check on power, the judiciary. what is at stake is the future direction of egypt and the constitution. the constitutional assembly writing the new constitution is dominated by islamist and what it has done in the draft constitution, it concentrated power in the hands of the president and is enshrining the religious state. the people who came to tahrir square in 2011 who did not include islamist are very concerned. >>shepard: it is the muslim brotherhood that had protesters and strikes scheduled that canceled those saying they wanted to have calm and reduce the chaos and traffic in the streets but the muslim brotherhood is not so much down with the plans of this president, either. >>guest: well, it is hard to say right now exactly whether president mrs. is and the muslim brotherhood are in line with each other. the muslim brotherhood is a challenge because they do thought want to be seen as antidemocratic or do not want this massive instabil
that claiming she was well aware this was a lot more to those talking points. and now the news from washington. catherine? >>reporter: since the closed classified briefings on capitol hill lawmakers say they shad access to unclassified access on the c.i.a. talking points and classified information and now a leading republican in the senate tells fox the classified information including a daily brief of the president containing the most highly classified intelligence and in this case included evidence of al qaeda involvement in the benghazi attack. here is senator collins speaking to fox news. >> she had access to the full presidential daily brief on intelligence so she was well informed and knew that our intelligence community felt there were ties to al qaeda affiliates involves in the attack. >>reporter: aside from rice's role in the controversy a second report focuses on her financial holdings along with her husband. with a combined net worth reported to be in excess $30 million their stock includes companies that recently did business with iran. the foundation that analyzes the finances of
know that. >>reporter: some of the initial builts outside the immediate suburbs of washington, dc, are ones to watch including prince william county, and, also, north of here called henrico, and larry sabato predicted record town out, four million virginia pollers and the lines bear that out with long lines, lots of voters turning out and the weather has been cooperated in the 50's, no rain, and virginia voters have been patient trying to exercise their duty on this election day. >>shepard: very important state for governor romney tonight the state of virginia. >> there has been a lot of talk about enthusiasm, which side supporters really want to win the most. and we may not be able to tell a lot about the direction the vote going by who is showing up to vote like gender, age, and the makeup of counties in which people live but we will find out from both sides what they are looking for, for hints. and the democrats joining us now, the obama campaign reporter, i have been watching you since can this morning. good to see you leader. >>guest: great to be here. >>shepard: i am looking
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)